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Brian Clark is a registered architect in Iowa with 15 years of experience in building planning and design, property management, leadership development, team management and training. For many of those years, Brian has dedicated his professional career to the design of buildings and spaces for patients, families, doctors, nurses, and clinicians in healthcare projects.

No matter the size or scope of a project, Brian is actively involved in all phases of planning, design and implementation and provides each project with the continuity necessary to achieve success. 

Partner to Succeed

At BMC Solutions, we pride ourselves in listening to YOUR needs and collaborating to establish realistic project goals, including what is most important to YOU in achieving a successful project. We consider you to be an essential partner in the project team.

We team with your staff, a variety of consulting engineers, equipment planners and vendors, facilities engineers, contractors, suppliers, code officials, construction managers, fire marshals, and administration to design for you a custom solution that will serve your organization’s needs for decades to come. BMC Solutions partners with consultants who have a depth of expertise and demonstrated abilities, who have availability to complete the project in the scheduled timeframe, and who can provide a unique perspective to the project at hand.

BMC Solutions' design process is unabashedly inclusive and focused on you!

Brian M. Clark

Owner/Registered Architect


Custom solutions is our motto and our promise. We promise to deliver quality, custom solutions for every project, every time.



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Des Moines, Iowa



Ever-changing technology has provided even more effective means of collaboration, and to the extent desired, Brian enjoys collaborating and designing side-by-side with clients, a practice that ensures alignment and true solution-based design.